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Visa Support (Letter of Invitation)

Visa Support (Letter of Invitation)

Visitors to Tajikistan must obtain a letter of invitation before they will be issued with a visa. The invitation letter can be issued by any organisation registered in Tajikistan, but it must be endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dushanbe. The invitation letter should specify the following information:

* Name, nationality and passport no. of all the invited parties.
* Arrival and departure dates. You do not have to travel on the exact dates specified, but your visa will not be valid outside of those dates. You may not arrive before, or stay beyond, the dates given in the letter of invitation.
* Name of the inviting organisation

If you are travelling to Tajikistan for the purpose of tourism, you can apply for your letter of invitation with us.  Travel Tajikistan can provide you with a single-entry tourist visa, valid for up to one month. (Longer stays may be possible, contact us for details).