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SANATORIUM "Shaambary"

SANATORIUM "Shaambary", located 26 km. west of Dushanbe, in the foothills of the southern slope of the Hissar range, at an altitude of 1150 meters above sea level, where the treatment of patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract.
Major natural curative factor of the sanatorium are nitrogen, chloride, sulfate, sodium, slabotermalnye (14-37 degrees C) water used for drinking and intestinal soul, as well as for the organization of mineral baths, underwater massage. In the water contains healing concentrations of active components of balneology as iodine, bromine and silicic acid.
Spa hotel operates year round and can accommodate up to 260 seats (winter) and 418 seats (summer). Patients are placed in single-double rooms. For services patients have film and Video-, phytobar.

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