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It is 100 kilometers east of Dushanbe, along the left bank of a small mountain river Ob-Elokim, a tributary of the Vakhsh, there are dozens of exits of hot mineral water, which contained free hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen, with a significant radioactivity. These hot springs and given the name of the village, the district center Obigarmskogo district - Obigarm, in the territory of which arose resort.
Obigarmskie hot springs, like the sources Khodja-known for centuries. Even now, near Obigarm can see the stone walls of the pool - the remains of buildings, which came to be treated healing waters of the major officials in the Bukhara Emirate.
Physical and chemical properties of water Obigarmskih sources studied since 1931. The first description of them made in 1931, VV Kurnygin, and in 1933 - EE Carstens, and M. S. Lavrov. These authors have already put Obigarmskie curative waters at their value at the second place in the republic, after the Hodge-Obigarmskih. In 1949, they were investigated AM Grisha and PA Turdakovym, in 1952, they studied geology PA Pankratov. In recent years, a detailed study of them was held Tajik hydrogeological expedition.
Places out of hot water on the surface are concentrated here in the so-called Obigarmskoy hollow - hollow, elongated in the latitudinal direction at 3.6 kilometers and has a width of 2-2,5 kilometers. The bottom of the valley and flanking it on all sides by mountains - spurs Karateghin ridge, built of granite, igneous subsurface of hundreds of millions of years ago, in the Paleozoic era. The basin is filled with clay and other rocks having granular structure, plotted here the river and the rains washed the nearby mountains. The thickness of this layer of sediment formed in the Quaternary period, ie over the last million years, reaching 200 meters.
Here, as in Khodja-from occurring from time to time oscillatory movements of the crust, in the ancient Paleozoic granites formed cracks, which gradually filled the water. As a result, revenues from the top of the mountains, all the new portions of water in the granites that form the bottom of the valley, are pressure, high blood pressure. Due to the pressure, there are ascending currents of water rushing up, they are a loose layer of Quaternary sediments, seep into the form of keys on the earth's surface.
However, this is not the same water that once flowed on the mountains in the form of rain. In the cracks of granite at a depth of several hundred meters, the water had warmed up, due to existing high temperatures here. In addition, due to prolonged contact with the granites, it is dissolved in a variety of minerals that they contain radioactive substances and acquired properties.
In the layer of Quaternary sediments filling the basin, there is always a lot of cold water, seepage from the surface of the soil here. Proceeding in this layer, the hot mineral water, formed in granite, mixed with cold water and as it approaches the surface of the soil cools. If the field of natural water outlets Obigarmskih source has a temperature of 37-400 C, then from the wells drilled to depths of several tens of meters, it turns more heated water, with temperatures up to 46-480 C. From the well is drilled to a depth of 190 meters, received water with a temperature of 550 C.
Thus, the hot mineral water sources Obigarmskih formed approximately in the same conditions as the Hodge-Obigarmskaya soothing water, but its temperature is much lower. However, the relatively low temperature Obigarmskih sources should not be considered their fault. This makes it possible to use water without cooling and diluting it in a bath, that not only would require any additional devices, but also would impact on the healing properties of water.
Physico-chemical properties of water Obigarmskoy also differ somewhat from the Hodge-Obigarskoy. This water can be characterized as weak-mineral, alkaline, silica. Hydrogen sulfide in it twice, and its radioactivity was on average almost four times higher compared with water-Hodge Obigarmskih sources. The chemical composition of water Obigarm almost identical with the water of hot springs resort Tshaltubo in Georgia. Together with water Obigarmskih sources goes nitrogen gas. As arranged at the outputs of the water pools can always see the allocation of nitrogen in the form of masses of bubbles rising up, creating the impression that what the water in the pool all the time in full swing.
Hot mineral water is an important medical factor Obigarm. However, the climatic conditions are favorable.

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