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Resort "Hodja-Obi-Garm"
Tajikistan is rich in natural health resorts. Spa Khodja-- its leading health resort, situated 48 km north of Dushanbe, in the picturesque valley of the southern slope of the Hissar range, at an altitude of over 1900 meters above sea level.
This is a large well-equipped complex for 700 places. Here erected spa shell, building health care facilities. Built and equipped paroemanatory - a special reception area for a couple with its quantity and dosage adjustment of its temperature. The necessary conditions for rest after the procedure. There is a clinic with specialized rooms and laboratories, bath department and mud baths. The richness of the resort - the hot mineral, radioactive water. Spillover to the surface of the source with a temperature of 45-96 0C saturated with alkali, silica, have a moderate radioactivity. This is one of the few resorts in the world, where the radioactive steam is used as a healing agent.
Along with the healing waters, an important curative factor Khodja-is the climate. Summers are not hot, temperature fluctuations are relatively small, the air is clean, high intensity of solar radiation.
In Khodja-refer patients with diseases of the circulatory system:
1) condition after having suffered rheumatic myocarditis and other origin;
2) myocardiodystrophy motivated surge of the heart muscle, as well as the exchange, endocrine, toxic or infectious origin;
3) cardiosclerosis miokardicheskogo or atherosclerosis;
4) hypertension;
5) hypotension (essential);
6) and other vascular diseases, musculoskeletal system - joints, bones, muscles and tendons of non-tubercular origin, if they have high temperature and severe pain.
Here are treated the patients with lesions of the peripheral nervous system - the nerve trunks, roots and plexus, patients with some gynecological diseases.

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