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Garm Chashma

Location: Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, Ishkashim area.
Location: 42 kilometers south-east of the city of Khorog, 60 km from the town of Ishkashim.
Transportation: Bus from the city of Khorog, associated vehicles, taxis



Tajikistan is rich in natural health resorts. Spa Khodja-- its leading health resort, situated 48 km north of Dushanbe, in the picturesque valley of the southern slope of the Hissar range, at an altitude of over 1900 meters above sea level.


Sanatorium «Zumrad»

Sanatorium «Zumrad» - is located in 10 kilometers from the Isfara city, at height 800 m.
In sanatorium successfully treat patients with diseases: