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Khatlon Oblast is located in the south of the republic, most of which are plains and steppes. In ancient times it was part of Bactria, the average age here was one of the strongest areas in the East Huttal, famous for its horses, warriors and cities. At this time, one of the most industrialized regions of Tajikistan.

Center field is the city of Kurgan-Tube - one of the largest industrial and cultural centers Vakhsh Valley. In the Middle Ages was known as Levakand or Vakhsh. Near the town are the ruins of the medieval city of Laghman (X-XIII cc.), Which held a rather large area 43ga. 12 km to the east of the town is a hill Ajina-Tepa, in which 60-70-ies of XX century, was discovered a Buddhist monastery that housed the famous sculpture of Buddha in a state of nirvana, which can be seen at the National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan. In the city center is located Bazaar, which affects its abundance of vegetables and fruits, which appear here before anyone else in the country.