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The town of Hissar is situated on the central-western part of the republic in the heart of the Hissar district and the western part of the Hissar valley, and 20 km west of Dushanbe.

The city is located 30 km from the international airport of Dushanbe. As the city river Hanaka and Big Hissar channel.

Hissar received city status - June 26, 1993, by order of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan.


On 1 January 2002 the city population was 22 961 people.

By ethnicity:

* 81,6% - Tajiks
* 12,3% - Uzbeks
* 3,6% - Russian
* 2,5% - other nationalities and ethnic

In the town of Hissar operates Central Hospital, Doctor Hospital and several medical institutions.


The climate is sharply continental, average annual rainfall is over 2300 mm. Khasanov Kobil and Irmuhamedov Shaukat live in the city of Hissar